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Our services ensures your 100% utilisation of the fish.
Solutions for fish farmers and process plants.
By-product collection - Rescue service

With special vessels, we source silage from fish farms, fish reception centers and processing plants along the entire Norwegian coast. Strategically placed intermediate warehouses and our own vessels contribute to a highly efficient logistics when the by-products are transported to our processing plants. The by-products from the aquaculture industry are processed at our processing plant in Austevoll, while by-products from the whitefish industry and pelagic fisheries are processed at a convenient sister or subsidiary company. Here, the by-products are refined into feed ingredients for use in Norwegian, Asian and European feed production.

Our sales and marketing department in Denmark is responsible for distributing our brands H-pro® and H-oil®. Hordafor has together with Pelagia a strong market knowledge of the European feed chain and has its core business in producing marine feed ingredients.

An important part of our business, apart from producing oil and protein, is to be a total supplier of services associated to by-products for the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry. Equipment, shipping, dead fish handling, destruction, emergency preparedness solutions and trading of marine ingredients are other and important elements of our business.