Lat. Pollachius virens

The saithe shines like silver and tastes like gold. This silvery fish with a darkly-coloured back is quite versatile, and quite simply an excellent seafood.

MSC Certificate: MSC-F-31373 Norway North Sea demersal Saithe

Nutrition facts: High in vitamin B12. It is also a good source of healthy protein and selenium. Selenium is a necessary component in many of the body`s chemical reactions and it is also essential for maintaining the fluid balance in the body.

Catching methods: Surrounding nets – with purse lines (purse seines)

Main Season





Gradings whole round fish
900 gr.up 600-900 gr. 400-600 gr. 400 gr.down

Gradings fillets:
50-95 95-120 120-up

Fresh Frozen Vacuum

Packing styles:
Heads Spinals Fillets Fillet-cut

Carton size:
300-400 gr. 7,5 kg/16,5 lbs 10 kg 30 kg

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