Pelagia Træna

Pelagia Træna is located in Træna, an archipelago of 418 islands and skerries, some 50 km off the north-west coast of Norway, widely considered the country’s oldest fishing community.  Located at the middle of the long Norwegian Coast, gives the factory access to diverce fish species.

The products at this plant are based on NVG herring, capelin, silver smelt, mackerel and saithe, packed as whole round fish or fileted in differnt sizes and cut.

Production of herring and capelin roe in February/March.

With its 80.000 yearly capacity, Pelagia Træna is one of the largest plants in the industry.



Galtneset 11
NO-8770 Træna

Products based on Capelin and Herring of different sizes and cuts (whole round/head-off/butterfly-fillets/skinless fillets/pieces.

Activity: Round freezing and fillet production

  • Approval:N-1036
  • Production capacity:800 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:9.000 tons
  • Fillet capacity:25 tons/hour
  • Employees55