Pelagia Egersund Sildoljefabrikk

It all started with the founding of Egersund Sildoljefabrikk in 1921 by Jens, Jonas and Kristoffer Hetland and Matias K. Haugstad. Already from the start, the company was considered a pioneer due to investment in technology, knowledge, people and innovation. The fishmeal industry has been quoted as turning “the silver of the ocean to the gold of the cost”. The silver referring to herring which was the main ingredience of fishmeal in the early days. For Egersund Sildoljefabrikk this has resulted in a profit each year from the start.

Egersund Sildoljefabrikk was the first factory to produce the meal NORSE-LT and has been in the lead at developing and getting approval of the ECO meal. Sales and marketing for the fishmeal and fish oil has since 1963 been conducted by Norsildmel.

Åsaneveien 103
4373 Egersund

LT/NSM Fishmeal, Fishoil

Activity: Meal and Oil production

  • Production capacity:1.500 tons/day