Norwegian Spring Spawning herring (NVG)

Lat. Clupea harengus.

The Norwegian spring spawning herring is a highly migratory stock that is distributed throughout large parts of the North-East Atlantic during its lifespan. The herring spawns along the Norwegian west coast in February to March. The larvae drift north and northeast to the Norwegian coast and the Barents Sea, where the main areas for immature fish are found. Most of the young herring leave the Barents Sea as three years of age and feed off northern Norway for two years, before recruiting to the spawning stock at 5 years old.

The Norwegian spring spawning herring is a very important species in the ecosystems which it inhabits. It preys on Calanus finmarchicus and is itself an important prey for other species such as cod, saithe and other demersal species, in addition to sea birds and whales. Large numbers of killer whales follow the herring during its migration.

The Norwegian Spring Spawning herring stock is at a sustainable level. This is a result of a large spawning biomass and a highly functional management plan.


Nutrition fats:
Herring is an excellent source of vitamins A, D and B12. It has a high content of EPA and DHA (Omega-3) fatty acids. Exact values will vary according to fat content.

Catching methods:
Purse seine and trawl

Month Fat content(%)
January 12-16
February 8-12
March 7-9
September 18-22
October 16-20
November 14-17
December 15-16

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Gradings whole round fish
125-200 gr. / 200-300 gr. / 250 gr. up / 300 gr. up 350 gr. up / 400 gr. up

Gradings fillets:
10-16 / 8-12 / 6-10 / 5-8 / 4-7/4-6 pcs./kg.

Frozen, fresh, salted, marinated, spiced.

Packing styles:
Jumble packed and hand laid/vacuum packed, barrels and tubs.

Carton size:
7 kg. / 10 kg/ 20 kg.

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