Pro-Allo is produced in Norway from sustainably-sourced fish and to the same strict standards as high-quality Group 1 fishmeal. However, it is a significant upgrade on standard fishmeal. It is proven to deliver both improved feed efficiency and more robust fish by focusing on three key areas in a single solution, as follows:

Improved raw material freshness
A substantial body of research shows that the freshness of the raw materials used in fishmeal is directly correlated to growth rates in fish.

Optimized protein digestibility

The extent of protein digestibility in fishmeal is influenced by the method of processing. In particular, digestibility is reduced when raw materials are dried at higher temperatures. Furthermore, research indicates a link between protein digestibility in fishmeal and growth rates achieved in fish

Increased levels of water-soluble components, with a low microbial load

The water-soluble fraction contains several molecules, of which the major part comprises small proteins and free amino acids that exist in isolation or in short chains – known as peptides. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are therefore smaller than intact proteins.

Product information

Premium Quality
The meal is produced with all soluble included to retain maximum possible nutrients in the final product. For the production of Pro-Allo, Pelagia is selecting the freshest raw material by working closely with fishing fleets through a dedicated supply chain. This supply chain is centred on specific procedures from the point at which the fish are caught to the moment when they
arrive at the factory to be turned into fishmeal. Pelagia is incorporating new quality parameters in relation to storage time and temperature, and handling and distribution. At every step, these carefully calibrated measures maximise levels of freshness above and beyond existing industry standards. When incorporated into fishmeal, this results in a product that exceeds the levels of freshness currently found in aquacultural feed products.

GMO free

We only process wild caught fish to provide GMO free product to our customers.

Fully  traceable

The product is fully traceable.

Product application

Pro-Allo is a feed ingredient optimized to improve feed efficiency, fish health, and survival rates.

Storage and packing

Product can be shipped in big bags. Please contact us for detailed information.

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry