Group 2 Fishmeal

Pelagia produces a diverse range of marine protein products including organic and food grade ingredients suited for various feed applications. Products are produced from fresh raw materials sources   with all soluble fractions included by low and/or multiple drying processes.

We take care to retain maximum possible amount of essential amino acids, and other nutrient fractions that give the product high digestibility and palatability. The ingredients also complement synergistic effects while blended with other sources of protein. Some products contribute in improved growth of all sizes of salmon, turbot, halibut and early weaned-pigs.


Group 2 Fishmeal is a 100% natural fishmeal with high protein and minerals. With better palatability and high digestibility, the meal contributes to superior growth rate. This is suitable for various diets because of its excellent amino acid profile. The product also complements synergistic effects with other sources of proteins in the diet that can promote fast growth.

FM is produced from fresh/chilled raw materials of wild caught fish taken from sustainable and responsible fishing practices. The location of our production units facilitates the shortest possible travel of the raw materials. The product is processed with low drying temperature and inclusive of all soluble fractions to retain maximum possible nutrients.

Marine ingredient
Group 2 fishmeal is a high-quality marine protein produced from raw materials of wild caught fish.

High Palatability
The protein is highly palatable as well as highly digestible

Essential amino acids
Group 2 fishmeal has good amounts of essential amino acids.

Nutritional advantages
The balanced amino acid profile in the product complements synergistics effects with other sources of proteins in the diet that can promote fast growth.

Product information

Premium quality
This is a whole meal product from multiple drying process to retain maximum possible nutrients in the final product.

Extensively controlled
All our factories are subjected to an extensive and strict program of approval. We carry out chemical and microbial tests through and after production.

GMO free
We only process wild caught fish to provide GMO free product to our customers.

Fully tracable
The product is fully traceble till the day and site of catching.

Product application

Group 2 Fish Meal is ideal for applications within aqua feed and animal diets.

Storage and packing

Product can be shipped in bulk or big bags. Please see our recommendations for storage. Contact us for detailed information.


Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry