Pelagia Bressay

The factory is located in the Shetland Isles to the north of Scotland, same distance from Bergen as it is from Aberdeen. The factory processes trimmings mainly from the human fish processing industry and converts them into high grade fishmeal and fish oil. This in turn is used as a high protein feed in the aquaculture, poultry and pig industries. Historically there has been a fishmeal plant operating from Bressay since the very early 1900’s. 

Trimmings from herring, mackerel, cod, haddock and salmon are some of the key species that are processed on site. These trimmings are received from fish factories in Shetland.

Pelagia Bressay can process up to 360 tonnes per day. The site holds an IPPC licence regulated by SEPA and is licensed to operate under ABPR by Animal and Plant Health Agency. The factory has FEMAS and MarinTrust accreditation.



Pelagia (Bressay) Ltd, Heogan, Bressay, Shetland, ZE29EW

Fish meal and Fish oil

  • Production capacity:360 tons/day