Pelagia Måløy Health

Pelagia Måløy Health is the result of four years of innovation where Pelagia has the focus of getting the best value out of 100% of the fish. In our project, involving several of our departments, Mackerel is the product of main attention. The mackerel is filleted at Pelagia Selje, and brought to Pelagia Måløy Health for optimal production to human grade fish protein and oil. Further on, our Epax department concentrates and purify the oil to health supplement purposes.

Our main focus is to produce ecological products where the main ingredients will be either cut offs from Mackerel or Herring. However, we will also make products from Blue whiting and Sandeel if the market responds positively.


Human grade marine protein and oil

Activity: Production

  • Production capacity:100 tons/day