Pelagia Lødingen

Pelagia Lødingen is a modern plant producing 30 000 tons round frozen herring and 13 000 tons of fillet per year. The plant is situated in the heart of the catching grounds of the NVG-herring. Pelagia Lødingen also has a long history of producing capelin. The plant has been modernized in 2007 and 2008 and has now become one of the largest and most modern factories in north of Norway.

The products at this plant are winter herring, capelin, silver smelt and mackerel.

Industriveien 4B
NO-8410 Lødingen

Products based on Winter herring, capelin , silver smelt and mackerel of different sizes and cuts (whole round/head-off/butterfly-fillets/skinless fillets/pieces.

Activity: Round freezing and fillet production

  • Approval:N-830
  • Production capacity:450 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:11.000 tons
  • Fillet capacity:15 tons/hour
  • Employees60