Pelagia Kalvåg

Pelagia Kalvåg produce a wide range of first class products of Norwegian spring spawning herring and North sea herring. Through quality assured process from the sea to finished packaging, the herring is transformed to many different types of products mainly as semi-finished products to producers in Europe. The product range include salted, marinated, spiced herring in different sizes and cuts, delivered in barrels, tubs or vacuum bags.

We are also known as producers of the famous Dutch herring product “Matjes”. The product range of matjes include whole round, gilled, head off, butterfly flaps and skinless fillets.

As the only facility in Pelagia, we are also proud producers of white fish, and Saithe in particular. The Saithe from Kalvåg is in season during the period March to May. The products from Saithe are whole round in different gradings and packaging and fillets. In addition, heads and spinals are available in the assortment.

Please be advised we supply Kosher products on request.

If you visit Kalvåg in the summer, make sure to visit our fresh fish market where we offer a wide range of the seasonal fruits of the sea.
The plant is BRC certified.

Kalvøyna 12
NO-6729 Kalvåg

Herring and Mackerel whole round. Machine cut; Herring gilled, herring head off, herring deli cut (tail on or off), herring flaps, herring singel filets (skin on or skin off), herring pieces 45 mm, 30 mm, 24 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm. Packing possibilities: Forzen in vacum bags + cartons, frozen in plastic wrap + carton. Cooled products in barrels or tubs. VAP: Marinated, salted or spiced herring in barrels. Matjes; ripened and frozen in vacumbags. 20kg, 2x 8 kg and 2 x 4,5 kg. Saithe - whole round or fillets, fresh, frozen in different size carton. Please see our product specification.

  • Approval:SF-189
  • Production capacity:450 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:3,500 tons
  • Fillet capacity:13 tons/hour
  • Employees65