Pelagia Hordafor Salthella

Hordafor has been an important partner to the Norwegian aquaculture since 1983. Our core business is handling and processing by-products from the aquaculture industry. We convert residual products from one industry into sustainable resources in an other industry. We are sustainability in practice, a good excample of circular economy.

Our specialized vessels collect salmonsilage from slaughterhouses in Iceland, Faroe Islands and along the entire Norwegian coastline feeding our processing plant in Austevoll.

We focus on efficient infrastructure, providing our suppliers the best service as possible. We therefore have strategically placed tanks along the entire Norwegian coastline. Together with our seven vessels and several intermediate warehouses we obtain a large storage capacity and a highly efficient logistics, transporting the by-products to our processing plant.

The salmon by-products from the aquaculture industry are processed at our processing plant in Austevoll focusing on heatrecovery systems and low energy consumption.
Our products H-pro® and H-oil® are feed material, produced of by-products and trimmings from farmed Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout slaughtered for human consumption (Category 3). These liquid feed ingredients are preserved with organic acid and hydrolysed by enzymes naturally present in the fish tissue, followed by heat treatment. The production facilities are registered and approved according to Norwegian feed legislation (in compliance with EU legislation) and run according to this.

In addition to handling by-products and producing feed material, we are a total supplier of services to the salmon farming industry.

Leading supplier of salmon oil and protein

Our sales and marketing department has strong knowledge of our products, H-pro® and H-oil®, and its added value in the feed industry. We are specialized in global distribution of our products and work closely together with our customers to find the best solutions. Our main focus is the development of long-term, positive customer relationships.

Pelagia Hordafor is GMP+ certified. Both the approval and the certification of the production of our products are based on the company´s risk analysis based on the HACCP principles.



Pelagia Hordafor Salthella

Fiskerihamnvegen 42,

5397 Bekkjarvik

Salmon protein concentrate, H-pro® and Salmon oil, H-oil®. Activity: Production of feed ingredients from farmed Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout slaughtered for human consumption, Category3.

Activity: Production of marine concentrate and oil