Pelagia Egersund Seafood

Pelagia Egersund Seafood is located in Egersund, one of Norway’s largest and most important Fishing harbours. Built as a pioneer Fish Processing factory in 1993, we export and process pelagic fish caught in one of the most productive ocean environments in the world – the North Sea.

We continue our country’s long tradition of high-quality fish processing. Location is especially favourable for production of north sea herring (matjes), mackerel, horse mackerel and blue whitting.

Kaupanesveien 34
4374 Egersund

Products based on north sea herring (matjes), mackerel, horse mackerel and blue whitting of different sizes and cuts (whole round/head-off/butterfly-fillets/skinless fillets/pieces.

Activity: Round freezing, roe and fillet production

  • Approval:R-150
  • Approvals:HACCP
  • Production capacity:1400 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:20.000 tons