Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk

Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk is a modern factory with high focus on product quality. The factory was modernized in 2019 with new production equipment specially designed for Pelagia, based on many years of experience with hygienic production of fishmeal and fish oil.

The factory also produces Hydrolyzate and Fish protein concentrates. Using the latest technology for the production of marine oils and liquid proteins of sustainable residual raw material collected by our own fleet of boats, the factory was completed in 2018 and is one of the most modern in the world.

A part of our business is the ability to clean Marine Lipids of environmental pollutants, both for our own products but also for external players.


Burøyveien 27
8012 Bodø

LT/NSM Fish meal and Fish oil. FPC (Fish protein concentrate)

Activity: Meal and Oil production. HYDP (Hydrolysed protein)

  • Production capacity:1400 tons/day