Pelagia AS is a leading producer of pelagic fish products for human consumption, and an important supplier of essential ingredients in all kinds of fish- and animal feed; protein concentrate, fishmeal, and fish oil. Pelagia is also through our company Epax a leading global producer of concentrated marine-based omega-3 fatty acids for dietary supplement and pharmaceutical preparations.

Pelagia operates 28 departments in Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Ukraine. Twenty-five are 100% owned, while three are partly owned associates, and the operation is divided into three divisions; Food (consumption), Feed (protein concentrate, fishmeal and fish oil) and Health (Dietary supplements and pharmaceutical preparations).

The Food division exports close to 100% of its products, while Feed’s products are mainly sold in the domestic market as essential ingredients in fish- and animal feed production.  It is therefore right to say that close to 100% of the fish is utilized, and ends up at someones table, some day, either directly or indirectly.

Austevoll Seafood ASA and Kvefi AS own Pelagia  in a 50/50 share split. Egil Magne Haugstad is the company’s CEO.




Norway Pelagic AS, Egersund Fisk AS, and Welcon Invest AS,  merged in 2014 and became Pelagia.  Pelagia thereof got two major divisions, Food (fish for consumption) and Feed (protein concentrate, fishmeal and fish oil), as Norway Pelagic and Egersund Fisk were leading producers of pelagic fish for consumption, and Welcon were a leading producer of protein concentrate, fish meal and oil. Epax Norway became part of Pelagia in 2017 as part of the health specific division. Since 2014 Pelagia has expanded further where Hordafor (protein concentrate, salmon oil and emergency services) became a part of Pelagia as of 2022.  

Pelagia Feed
The feed division’s core business is production of fishmeal, protein concentrates and fish oil in Norway, UK and Ireland. Pelagia Feed have eight production facilities for fishmeal and fish oil, and three facilities for production of protein concentrates and oil. In addition, Pelagia feed has a facility with significant storage capacity in Egersund approved as a border station for importation of protein and oils from third countries. Pelagia Feed employes 209 full-time equivalents, and is led by Arnt-Ove Blytt-Tøsdal Kolås.

Pelagia Food
Pelagia Food is engaged in landing, refining and sale of pelagic fish for human consumption and has 14 production facilities in Norway, from Honningsvåg in the north to Egersund in the south. In addition, Pelagia Food has Production facility for refining and marinating in Skagen, Denmark,  and owns 77 per cent of a production facility in Shetland. In Ukraine, Pelagia is engaged in Whole sale through its partly owned companies Egersund Ukraine LLC and Moreproducts LLC.  Pelagia Food employes 500 full-time equivalents, and is led by Magnus Strand.

Pelagia Hordafor
Hordafor produces protein concentrates and oil from salmon processing trimmings. In addition Hordafor offers emergency service and technical services in connection to silage and preservation of the trimmings.

Pelagia Health
We are proud to say that we  deliver the very best quality marine ingredients in the form of highly concentrated Omega-3 oils. Epax® has been a leader in Omega-3 for human health for many decades. While we continue to build on this expertise, we’re also creating new opportunities from marine ingredients.





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