Pelagia strongly condemns Russia’s military attacks on Ukraine. This attack is a serious violation of international law and puts innocent people’s lives at risk.  

 Our operations in Ukraine are suspended at the moment, and all our focus are on the well being of our employees and partners. The Ukrainians needs our support!  

 Pelagia vision is “It’s all about the fish”. The situation calls for “It’s all about peace”. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine. 

Pelagia support Ukraine and its people directly with charity actions through our local presence in Ukraine. Some of  the activity of our collegues in Ukraine is visual at

You can also see a video of their activity:


More than words can say…

High activity with food preperation



  • Internal fundraising startet 1 March in Pelagia –  311 employees from Norway, Denmark, Ireland, UK and Greece have given their support to Ukraine. USD 16.000 is donated to the fundraising campagne of NUCC.
  • USD 30.000 is given directly to the food distribution organised and conducted by our collegues in Kiev and Lviv.