Shetland Fish Products Limited

Shetland Fish Products Limited, the company operating the fishmeal plant at Heogan, Bressay is under new ownership.

Pelagia AS now owns 100% of the shares of the company, our subsidiary Pelagia Shetland Limited formerly owned 36% of the company.

The integration of Shetland Fish Products with Pelagia’s wider operation of fishmeal and pelagic processing plants is complementary to maximising the potential of herring and mackerel products from Shetland.      With the summer herring season starting in July, there will be offal supplied to Bressay for turning into quality fishmeal and oil.

Outgoing owners Lerwick Port Authority, Seafood Shetland and Shetland Fish Producers Organisation are pleased that the future of Heogan has been secured by the company being part of a fully integrated group.     Staffing at Bressay is unaffected by the change.