Pelagia prevailed

The Norwegian Supreme Court has by a Court decision the 31st October 2016 dismissed Nergård Pelagic AS` appeal against the Judgement of Gulating lagmannsrett in the “Ulvesund-case”.

It is therefore now finally concluded that Nergård`s decision to construct a fish meal and fish oil factory on the site “Ulvesund” in Måløy kommune was illegal. The factory bought during 2016 blue whiting season 30.000 tons. This illegal action did not respect the fact that the property was restricted for this kind of use. Norwegian Supreme Court has thus put a final end to this illegal action and it is now by Court decisions stated that:

1) It is illegal to produce fish meal and oil on this property                                                                                                                2) Pelagia has first refusal on the sale of property                                                                                                                                3) Pelagia has rights to purchase defined parts of equipment on the property.

The illegal action has been straining for Pelagias owners, Pelagia as a company operating under untrue allegations, and above all the employees who have done an excellent job in an environment where media and others have favoured and supported what is now finally concluded wrong behaviour from Nergård.

It is therefore satisfying that the Courts have determined that the allegations put forward by Nergård not have credibility.

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