NUBF 2016


Pelagia was a proud sponsor of the NUBF 2016 held at BI in Oslo regarding the Ukrainian President visit the 18th October.

The conference covered business and trade between Norway and Ukraine. Seafood, IT and Energy are main sectors that got most of the attention and at the end The Ukrainian president and the Norwegian Prime Minister held interesting speeches.

Seafood count for more than 80% of Norwegian export to Ukraine, and Pelagia is the biggest exporter. Egil Magne CEO of Pelagia participated in the plenum debate and held the presentation “Norwegian seafood in Ukraine”.

Later in the evening there was a dinner hosetd by the Norwegian government at Akershus castle in Oslo in honor of the Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Egil Magne and other representatives from the business community enjoyed the hospitality and had a great evening!


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