North Sea Herring

Pelagia are producing North Sea Herring at 8 of our plants this summer. First, Pelagia Egersund and Pelagia Denmark started, followed by Sirfish, Pelagia Austevoll, Pelagia Kalvåg, Pelagia Måløy, Pelagia Liavåg and finally Pelagia Shetland. Given good catch conditions, over 50,000 tonnes will be purchased by aforementioned factories.

The delicious North Sea Herring fillets both natural and marinated have many uses, and one them are the famous Dutch Matjes. Together with our suppliers, Dutch customers and partners, the excitement for the new season are always the same. When will the quality parameters from nature match the product specification for Matjes?

In the beginning of the production , the North Sea Herring had an average of 10% fat, but varies from catch to catch and fishing area. The last two days the fat has increased to 15% in round and 10-11% in the fillets. For information of available products and quality, please contact our sales team.



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