Innovation project

Pelagia, together with industry partners BioMar, AkerBiomarine, Norsildmel and research partners Nofima, University of Bergen (UiB) and The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have been awarded with an Innovation project in the business world (IPN) with a total frame of 16 Million euros over a period of 4 years.

Title: “Unlocking the nutritional and technical Quality potential of Marine by-products in sustainable salmonid feeds (QMAR)”.

The idea behind the project is to uncover potential nutritional and technical properties in the marine residual raw material at use in fish feed. Marine residual raw material have a huge nutritional and technical value in fish feed. With the increasing inclusion levels of plant components in diet, it is essential ensure that specific marine ingredients are the most bio-active/most potent in order to stay competitive.

Please contact Jørgen Seliussen, for any questions regarding the project.

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