Pelagia Sirevåg

Pelagia Sirevåg produce 15-20 000 mt per year, and is located close to the catching grounds of mackerel, horse mackerel and North Sea herring.

Pelagia Sirevåg is a large producer of Matjes herring in the Pelagia group, with a yearly production of about 3000 mt.
Matjes is produced from North Sea herring in June.

Oddane 2
4364 Sirevåg




Products based on North Sea Herring (matjes), mackerel, horse mackerel and blue whitting of different sizes and cuts (whole round/head-off/butterfly-fillets/skinless fillets/pieces.

Activity: Round freezing and fillet production

  • Approval:R-131
  • Production capacity:350 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:5.500 tons
  • Fillet capacity:5 tons/hour
  • Employees30