North Capelin Honningsvåg

North Capelin Honningsvåg AS is the norhternmost plant in the Pelagia group, located close to the catching grounds of capelin and herring. The plant has been completely renovated and started production in November 2008. The plant produce round frozen capelin and herring as well as capelin roe. Annual production volumes have been between 20.000 and 40.000 tons. Production capacity is roughly 500 tons/day, and cold storage capacity is 9000 tons.

Kobbhullveien 12
9750 Honningsvåg

Products based on Capelin and Herring

Activity: Round freezing

  • Approval:F-633
  • Production capacity:450 tons tons/day
  • Storage capacity:10,000 tons tons
  • Employees50