Pelagia Grimsby

The factory is located on the northern edge of the town of Grimsby which is situated on the River Humber and has been involved in fish processing activities since the 1930’s. Processing trimmings for 52 weeks per year the plant works in partnership with the local processing community playing a vital role in recycling a difficult by-product. The fishmeal and fish oil products are used in both the agricultural feed markets and technical markets such as the leather industry.

Trimmings from cod, haddock and salmon are some of the key species that are processed on site and they are received from all over England and from parts of Scotland. The prompt collection methods are wide and varied to ensure that processors have a reliable outlet for their trimmings all year round.

The factory can process up to 300 tonnes per day and operates all year round. The site holds an IPPC licence regulated by the Local Authority and is licensed to operate under ABPR by Animal Health. The factory also has FEMAS accreditation.

Gilbey Road, Grimsby
DN31 2SL
Phone: +44 (0) 1472 263333
Fax: +44 (0) 1472 263444

Fishmeal, Fishoil

Activity: Meal and Oil production

  • Approvals:IPPC license
  • Production capacity:300 tons/day