Blue Whiting

Lat. Micromesistius poutassou.

Blue Whiting is widely distributed in the North-East Atlantic and is therefore an important link in the marine food chain. The Blue Whiting belongs to the cod family, and has the same underhung jaw as its well known cousin. The name stems from the dark colour in the mouth oft his small white fish.

Nutrition facts:
Blue Whiting is a tasty white fish from the cod family. It is a rich source of protein and it contains vitamin B12 and selenium.

Catching methods:
Trawl and Purse sein

Month Fat content(%)
February 3-5
March 2-4
April 2-3

Gradings whole round fish
20 cm up, 23 cm up, Jumble pack.25 cm up


Packing styles:
Jumble pack.

Carton size:
20 kg.

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