From trimmings to brain food

In a large EU-funded project (AQUABIOPRO) led by the Norwegian food research institute Nofima. “The aim was to bring proteins and bioactive nutrients from by-products into our food chain through nutritional supplements.” The health effects of products using by products and trimmings from the Norwegian fish processing industry showed promising results on mental health among others.

From the large land based fish processing industry in Norway more than a million MT of trimmings and by products are coming out from gutting and filleting the fish. Nearly 100 % of these trimmings and by-products are already utilized and being processed into high quality marine proteins and oils that mostly are used as high quality feed ingredients. To lift these large volumes of high quality raw material further up in the food chain, Pelagia are working in several projects developing technology and products to utilize more of these marine raw materials  for direct use as health supplement or use in food products. Pelagia supports the work in AQUABIOPRO and find them promising.