Pelagia Shetland

Pelagia Shetland Limited was opened in 1989 as a joint venture between the Lerwick Harbour Trust (now Lerwick Port Authority), The Shetland Fish Producers Organisation and Jaytee Seafoods.

Pelagia Shetland is located close to the fishing grounds and has excellent ability to source the freshest raw material for our production.

The production process ensures careful handling and quality control throughout the production process. As the fish enter the factory at about -1.5°C, great care is taken to move the fish quickly through our process and get them into the freezers before the temperature rises and quality suffers. Quality and weight checks are continuously taken throughout the shifts so that we can achieve a consistent product with as little variation as possible. Full traceability can be demonstrated right back to where the fish were caught for each product.

The factory is covered by a HACCP system, which is used to eliminate and monitor any potential risks to food safety and we have been upgrading our quality management system to comply with the IFS standard for food safety.

Gremista, Lerwick,
Shetland, ZE1 0PX, UK

Products based on Mackerel, Herring, Blue Whiting and Horse Mackerel

Activity: Round freezing and fillet production

  • Production capacity:1.000 tons/day
  • Storage capacity:12.000 tons
  • Fillet capacity:11 tons/hour