Active Pelagia

A year has passed since the merger took place and the employees of Pelagia are getting to know each other by sharing activities across departments, places and countries. The goal is both to get to know each other a little bit better, and at the same time encouraging each other to get up from the coach! You earn one point by being in any activity for 30 minutes and you can maximum earn 3 points each day. Employees register their activity online either by an app or at web site, which is run by

There have been established teams at departments from both Feed and Food and campaigns will run with different possibilities to win small prizes. The first campaign started today, and the winner instinct is definitively in place looking at the activities registered the first day of the campaign.

We encourage all readers to join us in getting out and up from the couch for at minimum 30 minutes a day. If we also can recommend a nutritious and delicious meal of herring or mackerel, we believe we have the receipt for a good life!

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