100% use of the fish

Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk had the pleasure of a visit from Bodø Business Forum who were invited for lunch and were given an introduction to our value chain, including issues regarding access to raw materials and modern processing.

Herring, herring meal and herring oil are among the businesses that the town of Bodø was founded on historically. For the audience it was interesting to learn how times have changed. Now it is no longer herring that runs through the factory, but byproducts from the filleting of pelagic fish.

The round herring is landed in Pelagia Food, and the cut offs/waist is the raw material for Pelagia Feed. 100% of the fish is used in the optimal way.

The visitors also learned that several of the process machines at Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk operate with as much as 14,000G in centrifugal force, highlighting the high forces present during separating of fish into oil and meal. The finished products fishmeal and fish oil are mainly used as sustainable ingredients in fish feed for aquaculture.


 Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk



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